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D&DH Editor Dan Schmidt’s columns and blogs have become a must-read for deer hunters and anyone who loves whitetails. This blog is the melting pot for all the whitetail wisdom that he has gleaned over the years while working with North America’s top deer biologists, behaviorists, hunters and land managers. You can also follow him on Twitter — @DanSchmidtDeer — and Facebook.

The most consistently successful deer hunters are the ones who hone their woodsmanship skills first and foremost. (D&DH)

Deer Hunting Success Favors Students

What’s the key to deer hunting success? The answer is two-fold: Knowledge makes you powerful, but wisdom provides for consistent success. Highly populated whitetail herds certainly provide opportunities for some hunters to blunder into success here and there, but true whitetail wisdom is what will separate you from the guy who fills his buck...


Antlered Doe? The Odds are Highly Unlikely

How common are antlered does in the whitetail society? Unlikely. Yet, we hear of reports each year during gun season where hunters shoot large-bodied, antlered deer that are reported as females. In the scientific sense, these deer are not does but rather weird genetic freaks. As reported numerous times in Deer & Deer Hunting,...

The author found this young white-tailed doe frozen dead in its bed. It is unknown if the deer died from exposure, illness or injury. (photo by Daniel Schmidt)

How Many Deer Will Die From Winter Weather?

  Will these sub-zero temperatures kill off our deer herds? How much snow pack do we have to receive until it affects the deer population? And just how many deer will die this winter as a result of cold weather and deep snow? It will definitely kill some deer, but not as many as...

Bucks hang out together at some times of the year but research shows that big bucks tend to be loners and want their own space.

Bucks Are Wary Loners, Need Their Own Space

Scientific studies have shown that space is a critical component of a mature white-tailed buck’s habitat requirements. In other words, having a home isn’t enough; he needs to have his own room. Even more interesting, bucks and does have been shown to keep to themselves within their home ranges, even when these ranges overlap....

Various factors can affect the population of deer, from weather and natural conditions to hunting pressure, predation, disease and more.

The 7 Habits of Happy Deer Hunters

Who are the happiest deer hunters you know? Are they the ones who fill their freezers every year? Are they the ones who have a wall filled with trophy-class bucks? Or are they the guys and gals who own hundreds of acres of prime ground of which they patrol militantly in search of trespassing...

Dan Schmidt deer

5 Warning Signs of a Deer Allergy

Signs of a deer allergy aren’t always obvious. This is one case where they were quite recognizable. The popular Kenny Chesney song warns us not to blink, and isn’t that the truth. I’m not sure where the time has gone, but almost 22 years have passed since I realized the dream of combining my...


Deer Pictures: Real Slobberknockers

There was a day not so long ago when deer hunters across North America were absolutely fascinated with big bucks. No, not big racks — big bucks. Huge, giant, monstrous creatures. Or, as the old-timers called them, “real slobberknockers.” Antlers were adored, but they were almost secondary when it came to describing a buck’s...